I have no idea how this happened and couldn't get photos at the time, because it was dark and slippery and I didn't want to hassle the poor guy who this happened to, or the police officer there helping him. But...

On my way to work this morning there was a flashing yellow light glowing from the inside of the pedestrian part of the bridge over the Big Sioux River on Cliff Avenue, just south of I-229 near Tuthill Park. A man was loading things into a pickup parked on the south end of that bridge.

I was confused until I saw the wheel sitting by the curb and sidewalk, and realized that another vehicle, some sort of hatchback, was stuck on the pedestrian bridge. I turned around at the nearby gas station to go back and see if I could help, but a Sioux Falls Police Department officer rolled up and would be of more help than I would be, so I headed to work.

You can see the remnants of tire tracks when I went back after the morning show and took photos. The wheel was completely torn off. I felt bad for the guy. Coming down that hill on Cliff Avenue (or going up it) is really hard to be in control when it's slick.

I've ridden my bike over that bridge a bunch of times. I never would have thought it was big enough to fit a vehicle in there. It isn't to drive, but obviously it can be wedged in there.

Whoever you were, buddy, I hope the rest of the first day of May was better.

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