This Mother's Day over 1.5 million roses will be delivered to moms, over 133 million cards will be sent to moms, and over 1.2 billion calls will be placed to moms in the United States.  Folks spend more cash on Mother's Day than any other holiday.

Folks spend more cash on Mother's Day than any other holiday.  And with that kind of money involved you can bet that scammers are going to try to get their sticky fingers in on the action.

According to there are 4 big scams that we all need to watch out for around Mother's Day.

  1. E-Cards: Make sure you know who is sending you e-cards.  If you click on a link that is a fake e-card you can open yourself up to downloading malware that can steal your personal and financial information.
  2. Fake Flowers Online: If you are ordering your flowers online make sure the URL matches the flower shop's website.  Otherwise, you could be clicking through to a fake site that could get your credit card number.
  3. Fake Coupons: Enough said.  Be careful.
  4. Gift Cards:  This one works by the scammer going into the stores and writing down the numbers from the gift cards.  Then they call the customer service departments to see if they have been activated.  The suggestion is to use any gift cards you receive as quickly as possible.  Don't let them sit around.

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