In this modern day society, you can never be too careful when you're online or in your own home. Scammers are everywhere nowadays. There is not a city or state that can avoid scams including a small town in South Dakota.

Late last week, the City of Brandon posted on its Facebook page a scam alert to warn all its residents. It's not an online scam. In fact, it's something that can easily be overlooked by any homeowner.

As of right now, several residents in the City of Brandon have been affected by this scam going around the neighborhood. City officials are providing residents with advice as to what to do if they come across this letter in their mail.

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The City of Brandon explains that this letter is claiming to be from the Brandon Police Department asking for money. The easy answer is that the Brandon Police Department will never ask residents for money. According to the Facebook page, "If you received a letter like this one please shred it and throw it away. This association has no connection to our city or PD." Brandon residents are strongly encouraged to ignore this piece of mail should they receive this letter.

This scam is just one of many that have affected some residents throughout the Sioux Empire. The South Dakota Better Business Bureau is one of the many great resources individuals can use to stay informed about the latest scams.

If you are unsure about a particular piece of mail, then it's best to report it to file a complaint with the BBB by clicking here.

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