For those with young children who may still need a quick Mother's Day gift that has some personal touch, a local Sioux Falls business has you covered according to Dakota News Now.

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Juniper Apothecary, located within the 8th & Railroad Center downtown, is having an event where kids are invited to come in and decorate a terra cotta flower pot for their mom or grandma for Mother's Day.

“Moms and children can come and do it together. Dads can bring their kids down to make a gift for mom, but more so it’s just a way to spread joy with flowers and make Mother’s Day feel special this year,” Brittany Sopko said, the owner of Juniper Apothecary to Daktoa News Now.

Those participating will be able to use the markers and stickers provided to decorate their four-inch pots along with choosing which flowering plant they would like to place in their pot.

Juniper Apothecary has hosted Mother’s Day events in the past as quite a few of their clientele are mothers and thought the event would be a good way to help give back to the community.

The plant pot decorating begins at 10:00 AM this Saturday, May 8 until 1:00 PM and costs $10 per person.

Source: Dakota News Now

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