Ok. So you're a part of a film shoot in one of the remote parts of British Columbia, Canada.  One of the hazards when you travel into the bush in Canada are bears.  Bears who will think nothing of disembowling you for a few laughs.

This is serious stuff.  Here in South Dakota, we don't have to be afraid of bears or be armed to the teeth when we head out into the great outdoors.

A friend of mine likes to tell the story of when he and several others from Sioux Falls went into Canada for a fishing trip.  One of the novice "nature lovers" went for a walk and came back with a bear cub.  It's mother found them and kept them standing in a freezing lake for 6 hours before she cooled down and left.

Check out the video of the bear invading a film crew at work.  You can see a member of the group with a high powered rifle and scope evacuate his co workers.

And what happens next?  Take a look at the video and find out.