I would imagine that back in the days of Lewis and Clark seeing a bear out on the prairie of South Dakota wouldn't have been that unusual. The Black hills are fairly close to the tiny west river town of Hermosa, but that's what residents Pam and Craig Nelson recently recorded.

We see them in zoos, and on trips to places like Yellowstone but when you start seeing them on the prairies in South Dakota you start to think that little Yogi somehow got his GPS messed up. At the very least he didn't get the memo that he was off his beaten path a bit. I would imagine that seeing a bear loping across the pasture where you usually see cattle would get your heart beating just a little bit.

I noticed this on Don Gerard's Facebook feed. Craig Nelson said he recorded the bear about 2 miles north of Hermosa or about 13 miles south of Rapid City near the Custer-Pennington County line.

Thanks to Pam and Craig for letting me share this video with you in the story, and thank you for sharing this with your Facebook Friends!

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