At Kickin' 100.5, we thank you for waking up with The Bobby Bones Show! You can hear The Bobby Bones Show weekday mornings 5:00 AM to 9:00 AM and again Sunday morning with Country Top 30. [8:00 AM-12 Noon] Recently, we heard of a great story from one of the show's main characters, Amy Brown. Morgan Huelsman, the show's digital editor wrote this! 

Amy went on a road trip over the holiday weekend and ended up becoming someone's hero.

She stopped at a gas station in Kentucky and heard faint sounds of someone yelling "Help!" and "Is anyone there?" The person kept saying that from the gas station bathroom. Amy was brave enough to just walk into the bathroom and told the stranger she was there. That's when the stranger was so thankful and said she really needed toilet paper. While Amy says the whole situation was a little dramatic, she totally understands that the stranger was in a bit of a helpless situation.

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The situation could have been much worse on the other side of the bathroom door, but thankfully Amy was able to help a stranger out with just a little toilet paper.

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