It sounds like something out of a movie or a best-selling book.  But it’s not, it's real life, and it happened to an Aberdeen, South Dakota man. Now you can help this family.

On November 15, 2014, while visiting a friend in Nebraska, Josh Manning of Aberdeen was hit by a drunk driver while taking an early morning walk.  The drunk driver left the scene, but his friend, George, was with Josh when the accident happened. If not for the presence of his friend, Josh may have died at the scene.

Even though George was there with 28-year old Josh, doctors still had to inform the family that he had extensive brain damage, was in a vegetative state and would probably remain in that condition for the remainder of his life.

Josh's family accepted that he was never going to be the Josh they remembered and made the painful choice to say good-bye and take the 28-year old off life-support.

That was when the moment that only happens in movies, actually happened.  Thanksgiving morning, Josh woke up. When Josh's mother, Tammy Manning Dudley asked him to blink twice if he wanted to live, Josh blinked twice.  That was when his family realized that Josh was not only a fighter, but a Superman.

Josh was moved to a hospital in Fargo, North Dakota, and is continuing to make improvements, including moving and trying to speak.

As family and friends pray for the continued healing of Josh, his family hopes to be able to move him to Craig Hospital, a rehabilitation hospital in Denver, Colorado that specializes in neuro-rehabilitation.  But expenses are tough for the family.  To help Josh, a GoFundMe account has been established. Any help is appreciated by the family, and from Josh's GoFundMe page,

...if God is touching your heart please donate to our cause.... I thank you very much and God bless you...

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