This post comes a day or two late, but with a message in the end that is important today and tomorrows. The reminder is to simply do one thing when you get in your vehicle. Buckle up.

Saturday, I was doing a remote broadcast at Autos On The Mall here in Sioux Falls. We were sitting in one of the vehicles getting ready for our next break when we heard a bang. There was a short squeal of tires, but not much. Then we saw a guy jumping out of his car to see if everyone was alright.

I had the opportunity to take several pictures of the Subaru vehicle that was laying on it's side with all the air bags deployed. Even the side curtain airbags. It was a good the the driver had them. After officials arrived at the scene they were finally able to get the woman out of the vehicle. Workers were able to open the back hatch and she was able to crawl out.

At this time, I'm not sure what happened. I did talk to people that saw the accident but I will leave it to officials to decide the outcome.

What I did come up with was a reminder. Every time you get in your vehicle to drive, buckle up. You might think that driving down 41st street in Sioux Falls you might not need them, but if you find your vehicle laying on its side, after rolling you might reconsider. It's a good reminder today and all the time. Buckle Up.

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