There are two creatures that I don't have time for; spiders and snakes. Each of them has their place in the food chain and I realize that they can do some good in their respective roles. It's also fair to say that encounters between these critters and humans rarely end up deadly for the person. But that doesn't mean it's not alarming when someone comes across several huge snakes in a place they should be.

Case in point; in Latimer, Iowa, a water treatment company was called to perform maintenance on faulty water well. When the utility worker raised a pipe from the well, about eight to nine Bull Snakes came up wrapped around the pipe.

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A representative from Mort's Water Company said that while the snakes were unexpected they did not cause well's problem. A pump and motor failed and needed to be replaced.

According to the company's Facebook page, the snakes ended up in the well, "through the top of a poorly sealed well casing." One more reason to check those seals!

The Bull Snake is one of the longest snakes in North America and can grow to an intimidating eight feet long. They can be defensive in certain situations, but thankfully they are non-venous and don't pose a real threat to humans. The Bull Snake's diet consists of mostly mice, moles, rats, gophers, squirrels, and some birds and lizards. And apparently, they like to hide out in Iowa water wells.

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