There is nothing like fishing while relaxing on a boat on a warm summer day in South Dakota. But, here's the "catch." Not all South Dakota lakes and rivers are full of just fish. One South Dakota fisherman learned that lesson the hard way.

There are several dangerous animals that live throughout the state of South Dakota. Snakes, for example, are pretty common when you venture out to the Badlands or the Black Hills. However, you would hardly expect to see one slithering in a body of water. Ahhh, but think again!

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About five years ago on a river west of Mobridge in Corson Country, a South Dakota fisherman was in a boat and came across a prairie rattlesnake. This venomous snake not only approached the boat, but also bit the fisherman's hand.

Everything South Dakota explains that there are 17 different species of snakes that call South Dakota home.  The prairie rattlesnake is the only known venomous snake in the state. Typically, these snakes roam in prairies and wooded areas in western states. However, rattlesnakes like the prairie rattlesnake can surprisingly swim really well.

So what do you do if you see a prairie rattlesnake or any kind of snake swim up to your boat? The best thing you can do is to move your boat to a different location and leave the snake alone. If you do get bitten by this rattlesnake, call 911 immediately while monitoring your heart rate until help arrives. If you can, find soap and water to cleanse the bite and the general area surrounding it.

I actually found a great video about tourists in South Dakota hunting for snakes. Keep in mind: this YouTuber looks like a risk-taker. It's best not to pick up the snakes; just let them be.

Happy fishing! Watch out for those snakes!

South Dakota's Weird Exotic Animal Laws Are Amazing

Have an interesting pet or looking to get one? Check this out from South Dakota Exotic Animal Laws before you go trying to adopt one.

You will need a zoo permit to harbor a raccoon dog. That's a real species. It's a small wild dog with a black facial mask and long fur, native to the forests of Asia.

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Returning from a weekend trip to Rapid City, South Dakota for state basketball tournaments we decided to visit the Badlands National Park.

A quick turn-off I-90 will take you into some of the most awe-inspiring scenery.

It's also fun to note that several big-screen movies were filmed in the Badlands. Dances With Wolves, Starship Troopers, Armageddon, and most recently, Academy Award winner, Nomadland.

It's a spectacular park with tons to do. If you're setting out on a hike, bring lots of water and sign the hikers' logs at the trailheads. It could save your life. It's a tough place to survive.

Here are 10 facts about the Badlands:

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