Let me begin by saying I have nothing against those who love reptiles and have them as pets. To each their own. However, I personally do not groove on anything that slithers.

Much like Indiana Jones, I hate snakes! I hate em!

Here in South Dakota, it is not uncommon to see one of these scaly reptiles slithering around in pretty much every corner of the state.

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Fortunately, there are only one venomous snake species that are indigenous to the state of South Dakota, and that is the Prairie Rattler. The downside, it can be found in every county west of the Missouri River and even in a couple of spots along the river in eastern South Dakota, according to an article written by SDPB Radio.

Watch your step when you're out west!

If you plan on doing a little hiking or camping in western South Dakota this summer, be careful where you step. The Prairie Rattler is at home in open grasslands and prairies, it can also be spotted in forested environments.

I was actually surprised to find out there are 17 different species of snakes that reside in South Dakota, with the aforementioned Prairie Rattler being the only poisonous one. To a snake despiser like myself, that doesn't make the other 16 varieties any less creepy.

Speaking of snakes...

Garter snake

The most common snake found in South Dakota has to be the Garter Snake. They can be spotted all over the state. I mean, who hasn't run over one of those little bastards with the lawnmower before, right? Gotta love the cleanup when that happens.

Another common snake in South Dakota is the Bullsnake. It's mostly found west of Missouri. Other varieties include; Red Belly snakes, which are typically located in the Black Hills, although there have been a few documented sightings of Red Belly's in eastern South Dakota as well.

Fox snakes are a popular species here in eastern South Dakota, and the Plains Hognose snake can be found all over the state.

Should you happen to be looking for a snake free-zone, sorry, you're not going to find one in South Dakota. You will actually have to leave the country for that one.

According to Quora, there are no snakes in Ireland (thanks to St. Patrick), Greenland, New Zealand, and Iceland. Another great snake-free vacation spot is the continent of Antarctica, which also contains no snakes.

Source: SDPR/ Quora

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