This is the BEST Haunted House you will go through in South Dakota this year. I'll tell you that right now, right up front!

Thursday afternoon I got the bejeebers scared out of me. I'm called a wuss at the house. My wife calls me that, my kids call me that. A wuss.  I am a bit of a scaredy-cat.  So Thursday, when I went through the Scotland Haunted House in Scotland South Dakota I got my wuss juices flowing pretty good.

DickBehl and Velma and another lady I will NOT credit because she scared me so bad a couple of times, showed me through the Scotland Haunted House. Over 50 locals and others from around the area help out, both running and acting and building the Haunted Manor. Velma said;

Buses come in from out of town, they come from all over the area and added if you're looking for something to truly get you into the Halloween spirit this is for you.

Last year, over 2000 went through the haunted house. The Scotland Haunted House is open Friday and Saturday nights in October from 7:00 PM to 11:00 PM. The cost is $12 or $10 if you bring a non-perishable food item. [lots of folks are seen waiting in line with a bag of food items so do some homework and make that part of the evening. If you're concerned about the weather, that's covered. They can accommodate and keep people comfortable even on a cold night.

Crazy 8's promotions, a local organization started up in 2014. The production company leased the building they use on Mainstreet, an old clinic building for their Haunted House. The building sat empty for over 20 years and now the company has rebuilt and repurposed.

Velma also told me, The Haunted House has been rated in the top 5 in the state of South Dakota. She said It's attention to detail that makes this production stand out. The set, the lighting, and the SOUND ARE AMAZING!  They have 18 separate rooms plus a corn maze complete with actors to wind your way through.

The house is open for just 6 nights this year. They've put over 1300 hours of volunteer time into the project so you will not be disappointed. Get to Scotland, and get SCARED!

Scotland, South Dakota Haunted House!

Over the years the Crazy 8's Club has poured over 100,000 back into the community and area to various nonprofits and charities. Youth organizations have benefited from money raised from the Haunted House and throughout the year.



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