The COVID-19 pandemic has been a difficult time for people all around the world.  However, the individuals that could arguably be suffering the most during this time are nursing home residents. They have been isolated from their loved ones and the outside world.

The Good Samaritan Society-Scotland in South Dakota recognized this on-going struggle.  To help ease the stress and sadness of some of their residents, the Good Samaritan Society-Scotland decided to welcome a new, furry addition to its facility.

Meet the Good Samaritan Society-Scotland's newest resident Gracie, a three-month-old golden retriever puppy.

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Dogs have been known to reduce stress and comfort those in need.  So having Gracie be the newest resident of the Good Samaritan Society-Scotland was a natural fit!  According to Therapy Dogs, dogs help maintain a positive attitude.  This is essentially the key to sustaining good health, happiness, and staying young.  Therapy Dogs further explains that dogs are the best medicine for nursing home residents.

Dogs are an antidote to depression – and an easy pill to take. Life in a long-term care facility can be lonely and boring. A visit from a Therapy Dog can break the daily routine and stimulate the mind in dramatic ways. The most serious problem for older adults is not of disease; it’s loneliness. Therapy Dogs and their handlers can make a resident come alive, ultimately, inviting residents back to the world outside the facility in which they live.

These pictures certainly tell a thousand words!  It’s truly evident the residents of the Good Samaritan Society-Scotland are giving Gracie lots of love and attention and are thoroughly enjoying her company!  What a face Gracie has too!

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