There's a new High School football team in South Dakota.

No, I don't mean the Sioux Falls Jefferson Cavaliers. I know, I know, they're new, too. But I'm familiar with them. But the Jim River Trappers?

That was a new one on me.

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Friday night I was watching a local television station and the scroll across the bottom of the screen was reporting high school football scores. I wasn't really paying close attention but I did notice a name...Jim River...and then it was gone.

I've done a thousand or so play-by-play sports broadcasts in South Dakota, both high school and college. From Rapid City to Sisseton, from Yankton and Vermillion to here, there and almost everywhere. But that was, as they say, back in the day. I was pretty sure I knew every high school sports team in the state. Well, I didn't...or don't anymore.

Now, I do know the towns that make up the Jim River Trappers football squad. Thanks to The Courier, a newspaper that covers the larger Freeman and Menno communities , I read where the fine town of Menno and the fine town of Scotland got together and formed a football cooperative and bingo!...

You have the Jim River Trappers.

Apparently these communities have been talking about the possibility for a few years. Menno used to co-op with Marion and that came to an end. So...the birth of the Trappers. A "new" eleven man high school football team in the state.

You can read the details here.

And now I'm going to be keeping my eye out to see how the Trappers do this year.  By the way, they're off to a great start at 2-0.

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