As a kid, there wasn't anything much better than Halloween.

Oh, maybe Christmas. Maybe birthday. But that would be about it. After all, what's better than dressing up in a costume (or perhaps just a mask, but that was still cool!) and bopping around town and with those three magic words, 'Trick or Treat!', that bag would fill up with all kinds of goodies that your family dentist would cringe at.

You'd hit every house.

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Well, maybe not every house. There was always that one...that one particular house that, well, if it wasn't haunted it should have been! Maybe it was just a little run down, perhaps it just needed a fresh coat of paint, or it could have been that it needed some windows repaired. And it wouldn't hurt to get that front door straightened out and take care of those creaking hinges!

Now, to be honest, there could well be right fine folks living in that haunted...I mean, But when you're seven years old, hey, there could certainly be bats in that old tree in that front yard. And those rocks over there by the garage can turn into a tombstone mighty quick when a little fella's imagination starts doing jumping jacks.

And of course, if you're trick or treating with a couple buddies, well the conversation can make that imagination grow even more. Was it possible that a zombie was lurking there in the shadow by that old rickety house? And did that old man have a rusty ol' hook for a hand?

Yes. Yes it was possible. In fact, it was darn near certain.

So chances were pretty good that the sweet old couple that lived in that perfectly fine ramshackle old house wouldn't see us three knocking on the door, and they'd get to enjoy those bite size Snickers and candy corn themselves.

Oh, we weren't scared. Just...sensible. And of course the next day at school we'd brag 'Why of course we went to that ol' house. Why not?'

How about you. Did you have (or maybe still have?) a house that, while not haunted, could pass for a haunted house?

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