I'll admit, I'm addicted to 'The walking Dead' television series. Zombies? What's not to love?

So, there I am, late Sunday night, 'Googling', "where is a good place to hide in a zombie apocalypse?" Hey, don't judge.

As you can see, North and South Dakota are the worst possible states to be in during an un-dead takeover. We asked our Facebook fans:


  • Jan Sokolovits Cause the Midwest is Farmland mostly so no good hiding places.
  • Shaeyla Ranae Dunlop i dont understand why nebraska wouldnt be a good state yet california is and texas ..those are the most populated areas
  • Melinda Lyngstad Bouwman But you can see the zombies coming from a long way off, and eat the crops and livestock. No surprises like when Rick went around the corner in Atlanta to see the hordes of zombies.
  • Shaeyla Ranae Dunlop i would want to go somewhere hilly or lots of places to hide!
  • Rheanon Lee Larson Call me crazy, but I'm not going to the most densely populated state in America to "hide". I think SD would be one of the best states. Me, my roof, a nice open field, and a sniper rifle.
  • Lindsey Brockberg Look at what happened in Atlanta. I think I'd stay out of the big cities. The crew did good on the farm until the "herd" came through.
  • Melinda Lyngstad Bouwman I agree unless they would start migrating, a more sparsely populated place would mean fewer zombies.
  • Jackson Gleason The only thing I can think of that would go against SD is the temperature. However, If you can survive winter, there's very few people and plenty of resources.
  • Jonathan Dick Low population, good soil for food, cold temps that keep zombies away at least half of the year, south Dakota would be great
  • Kevin Livingitup Finkral I would go to scheels in Sioux falls. You can go from roof top to the next in that small strip of building and get inside. Scheels has guns, ammo, clothing, survival equipment and restaurants just right next door to scheels has food and water
  • Dan Varns Too close to the Canadian zombies, eh?
  • Wazza Likes: There's only one road in Canada though
  • Stacy Kaas-Rostyne Plus we have a prison--a couple of them and we could also hide in there. Not to many prisoners in that prison (ok not as many as CA or other bigger cities). Plus we have many buildings to HIDE the zombies in. Burn them up! I think I would pick SD by far!!
  • Alana Tabbert i think this is ass backwards....? who in Gods name would go to cali or fl!?!?! dumb dumb dumb...
  • Michael Oliver Let them ppl in Florida and California think they have the best place to live cuz im staying right here!!! Water, food, guns, open spaces, oh ya south dakota is the worst place for everyone..
  • Michael Oliver Oh and Hawaii wth? Can they swim now too?

As good an explanation as any, I guess. Please, comment below for further possibilities and until then, stay safe.