How could $36,000 get lost on a golf course?  Who would bring that kind of money to the links unless of course, you're Tiger Woods and you're showing up for a skins game.

A South Florida golf course employee is being commended for returning $36,000 in cash to its rightful owner.

Rachel Castillo found the bag containing the money while working at the Miami Beach Golf Course.  She turned it over to the police who found a name and address in the bag.

The 76 year old man the money belonged to was no longer at that address. but the police tracked him to an assisted living facility.  Police verified that the money belonged to the man who will get it all back.

If no one had claimed the money within 90 days, Castillo could have kept it.

My hat is off to Castillo for doing the right thing.  Thanks to her efforts along with the police, an elderly man is resting much easier.