As big as it can get for me. Kickin' Country, giving you a chance to see George Strait as he makes his final, organized run around the country.  Now,  the good news is, George isn't going to quit recording.  He'll keep that up.  And we're all a little better off for that.  But, he says he isn't going to set an entire summer up ahead of time and be 'locked in.

That got me wondering, what would it be like. What would it be like to be as popular as someone would be, in order for 'Garth Brooks' to refer to him as 'The Man.' Staggering! On the other hand, take next month, I don't have anywhere I need to be.  Anywhere.  There's a freedom to that.  George, I'm guessing is looking for some of that.

Hey, about these tickets, we have a pair and we're going to register for people to see George Strait at the Excel Center in St. Paul February 15th.  I can hear you thinking, get there a day early, a little Valentines Dinner and hit the concert the next night.  He/or she would love you for it!

Anyway, we appreciate all the years you've listened to Kickin' Country and we know this is going to go over great!  After all, it's George Strait!

Oh, if you don't mind I'm going to post 'my favorite George Strait Song of the day' here every day through the concert.  Hey, he has enough to have one every day between now at Tuesday, February 12th when we'll draw.  Good Luck and thanks for Kickin'!