I watch a lot of sports on television at night. Too much. And if you watch this time of the year you're watching a lot of basketball.  LOTS of basketball.

One of the things I do, that drives my kids nuts is the fact that I like to see some of the commercials during breaks in the action.  I've gotta tell you, these ads that AT&T have with this guy Beck Bennett talking to kids have me rolling.  If you bring them up to friends they know half the words in the ads and how the kids talk.   He's pretty good. So good that people like Steven Spielberg and Will Ferrell have noted his work.


Bennett has a series of videos on that show his expertise at 'getting kids going!'

I've always dug an adult 'talking to kids.'  Art Linkletter was a genius.  Later you would have to give Bill Cosby the nod.  As of late though it's Beck Bennett.  I wouldn't be surprised if Bennett doesn't spin these commercials into sitcom gold.

You can bet Bennett studied this fellow too!

Here's an update to the story.  Bennett has also caught the eye and ear of some funny people.  He's also a regular now on Saturday Night Live.  Funny, funny man!