This Christmas I received what I would consider to be an unusual Christmas Gift. My mom bought pillows for 'us kids' this Christmas.

I didn't think too much of the gift.  Oh, I was thankful when I got it, but really didn't know 'what I had received till later.   The name on the tag was Chiroflow.  I thought, now there's an interesting name.  So I looked into it a little more. You see, it's a Water Pillow.  You actually put water in pillow.

Oh, it's well insulated, so it's not cool or cold to the touch...and you remove the air out of it so there really is no 'sloshing' around.  Other than it's 'heaver' than a normal pillow it's pretty much a pillow.  Except for one thing. It's comfortable.

If you wake often with a sore neck, or just don't sleep well, it might be a 'quick fix'.  Comfortable as heck...and yes an Unusual Christmas Gift...but a great one!