Are you going to any costume parties around Sioux Falls this year? Do you have a cool costume idea?

Often times the hardest part about going to a Halloween party is trying to come up with a costume that's fun and unique.

Now you can always fall back on the 'Naughty Nurse' getup, but if you are looking for something that's more 2017ish and edgy here is list of Pop Culture Halloween costume ideas from

1. Pennywise the Clown from "It".
2. Pregnant Kylie Jenner.
3. A handmaid from "The Handmaid's Tale".
4. Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone from "La La Land".
5. Beyoncé's pregnancy announcement.
6. Belle and the Beast from "Beauty and the Beast".
7. Wonder Woman.
8. Hugh Hefner and a Playmate.
9. Zombie Taylor Swift from the "Look What You Made Me Do" video.
10. Mantis from "Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2".

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