I was saddened this morning when I read the news.  Tom Knapp, dead at 62.  That's what it said according to The New York Times. 

I'm not sure what I liked about Tom more, his world class shotgun shooting ability, his personality or just the sound of his deep baritone voice.  He had all three.

I had the awesome opportunity of meeting Tom Knapp several times over his career of promoting Benelli Shotguns.  My favorite was an interview I did with him over the phone.  He was on his way to an appearance and took time to talk to me on the phone.  At the time I knew who he was, but what I did not know was how kind of a gentlemen he was.  You could hear it in his voice.

You've most likely seen video of Tom Knapp and his incredible trick shooting with a shotgun. He was a master!

Oh, what was the other thing I liked about Tom?  His voice.  Being a radio guy with a 'higher pitched' money maker, I was always a little envious.  Not only could he shoot, not only could he talk, but he sounded great too.

Rest in peace Tom Knapp!