It happened again this weekend.  We switched over to Daylight Saving time.  Now, I've done a bit of reading on the matter and know that it was a government mandated issue to conserve energy back in the day.  They thought if they gave us more daylight at the end of the day we would use less energy.

There are a couple of exceptions to the rule. Arizona decided against the time switch because of the extreme heat.

Now, I get the 'why they do it,' it's just that it does linger on for a day or two.  I call it the time change hangover.  You know what I'm talking about.  The clocks that exist that you 'didn't think of,' that catch you later.

I noticed on the way to work this morning that I need to change the clock in my car.  Which got me thinking that I'll need to change the clock in my wife's vehicle tonight to.  Yep.  Time Change Hangover!

The coffee maker has a clock on it to turn on and off at a specific time.  I'll have to change that one today to make sure we get coffee on time in the morning.

Oh, the programmable thermostat on the furnace at the home.  My wife pointed that out to me this morning.

You're going to have to go downstairs and flip that switch on the furnace.  I wonder if the winds blew out the pilot light on the furnace.  You know it was windy this weekend!

Then she left for work earlier than I did (cause I slept in a bit---you guessed it, 'time change hangover,') and the the furnace kicked in an hour later.  Right again.  Time Change Hangover.

It'll take a day or two for us to get things straightened out at the house.  I know at work our engineers spend the bulk of one entire day switching the time on clocks.  It seems like it takes everyone 'a while,' to get things squared away. Unless your like my son Tad.  He came home from work yesterday so proud.  He was glad the time change happened.  I asked why and he said...'cause the clock in my car has been wrong for the past months. Now I don't have to change it back.'

Time Change Hangover!