Here are some of the stories that had Sioux Falls talking:

  • After losing 3 children in a deadly fire, Rhiannon White, 34, was arrested on drug charges. Blood test revealed there were drugs in her system the morning of the house fire. It was also revealed that her travels the night before included a drug dealer and a bar. She was released on a $5,000 bond.


  • Icy conditions caught many commuters off-guard Wednesday morning and kept police and emergency first responders busy. Several accidents were reported along I-90, I-29, and I-229  and other highways throughout SE South Dakota.


  • Show of hands: Who hasn't won the lottery lately? I haven't either. But as it turns out,  Sioux Falls and nearby community lottery players are cashing in on a string of lucky tickets. Wednesday, another Sioux Falls store sold a wining Dakota Cash ticket worth $20,000.


  • Very cold air moving into South Dakota after a week of mild temperatures. Stay up-to-date with watches and advisories through the weekend and stay warm. This arctic blast packed her bags and she's staying for a while.


  • Thieves are active in the southwestern part of Sioux Falls while we sleep. What are they taking? Your gas. Robbers are actually drilling 3 holes in your gas tank of your vehicle and making off with gasoline. One victim said $55 worth of gas was siphoned in the night. As hard as it is to believe, it's not the worst part. The damage to the tanks can run between $500 and $2,000!


  • Is it a fair representation of a grading system when South Dakota finished dead last in the country for the national education report card? Some lawmakers disagree. Our education efforts were given a D+, or 69%. North Dakota gets to go out for recess after just passing with a 76%.


  • Dumb Criminal of the Week: Perhaps trying to be a good citizen and help police capture the person responsible for up to 5 armed robberies in Sioux Falls, Domach Kong Khai called police to give them information on the string of crimes. Police must have found this unusual and searched the home of Khai where they found many of the stolen items in the robberies. He was arrested. It's true.


  • Viral Video of the Week: I swear, this gets funnier every time I see it. Over 7 million views and counting. Rock your NFL playoff party with this one:

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