Today, kids will do just about anything to become famous on the internet.  The World Wide Web has kids doing everything from eating a cactus to setting themselves on fire.  But believe it or not, kids were doing weird stuff, simply trying to become famous,  before February, 2005...when Youtube was invented.   Need proof?  Here are The Ross Sisters.  From 1944!

This trio of acrobat-contortionist singers are not only a little weird, but almost weirdly awesome!  Yes, they are actually sisters, and because they were in show-business, they changed their names and then were referred to as The Ross Sisters.

In this clip from the MGM musical film ‘Broadway Rhythm’, the girls play sisters who show their talents while singing the song ‘Solid Potato Salad’.   The girls aren’t too strong in the singing department, but after making themselves famous with their contortionist moves, (somewhere around the 2:26 minute mark in the video)  they started toured the nightclub circuit.  I can only assume to many sold-out shows,  consisting of more men than women.

Honestly,  The Ross Sisters of 1944 are pretty comparable to the kids of 2014 when it comes to doing weird things, so I’m really not too shocked.  But, what I do find shocking, is that the father in this film, has the three girls ‘shut up in the feed room’ before he gets asked by a strange man to ‘trot them out so I can take a look at ‘em’.

Oh, and does anyone else find it odd that dear ole’ dad calls the gals out of that feed room by calling ‘suey, suey, suey’ if they are pigs?

Maybe it's just a "twist" of fate that it took the World Wide Web to get the Ross Sisters from 1944 another run at fame today.