Here’s How To Beat The Post Holiday Blues
Well, the holidays are over with, done and gone for another year. Whew! Now that was a heck of a busy time, what with family and friends and going here, there and everywhere! It's nice to get back into a routine, settle into your groove, so to speak...
How Effective Is That Flu Shot?
You've probably heard most of the reasons people give for not getting a flu shot.
'I've never gotten one and I've never gotten the flu.'
'The one time I got a flu shot, it gave me the flu!'
'Oh I probably will...when I get the time...
Holidays Got You Stressed Out? Pet Your Pet!
It's the most wonderful time of the year.
And, for a lot of people, also the most stressful
In addition to the 'regular' stress of job, family and whatever else you might be dealing with, there's rushing here and there, finding not only a gift but the perfect gift...

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