You know your getting old when...

Those were the words that came to mind when someone asked, 'what did you do for your Super Bowl party.'

I should say, 'older.'

My wife and I are just about to the stage where 'all the kids are gone,' and it's many times now, just the two of us in the house.  We found ourselves in that situation this past Sunday during the Super Bowl. 

Oh, we'd gone out to the mall to take some returns. (I always like to take my enforcer when I have returns for stores) and we had taken in lunch at the food court at the Empire Mall.  Then, it was back home for a little house keeping and finally settling in for the biggest game of the year.

While we were at the mall my wife had asked if there was anything in particular I wanted to have to eat for the big game.  Well, at the time nothing came to mind so I kind of blew it off. Little did I know that once game time came around we'd be off making something for ourselves and that something for ourselves wouldn't be too fancy.

I started the stove a couple minutes before kickoff. I was hungry for some whole wheat pasta and some sauce.  I know what your thinking.  Boring right?!  It wasn't till then that I noticed my wife was pouring a bowl of cereal.  Gosh, here it is, the biggest football game of the year, all our friends and the whole free world is diving into awesome dips, and wings and tavern and beer and we're having spaghetti and Frosted Freakin' Mini-Wheats.

I gotta tell you, I liked it.  It was kind of calm.  Kind of alright and I didn't feel like I was missing out.  The game was a pretty good one to boot. I don't remember halftime with Beyonce though...I don't know what came up but it seemed more important at the time.

How about you?  Did you dine on a complex and impressive menu for the Super Bowl, or was it laid back and 'kind of like my house?'