There's no doubt we're as connected to technology now as we've ever been.  Smartphones allow us to be in touch and on 'the grid' virtually everywhere we go in our daily lives - 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

I've only had my smartphone for 11 months and already wonder how I ever lived without constant, round the clock, access. My experiences are mild compared to some people out there. I've seen people who appeared to be going through serious withdrawal when they were separated from their phones, even for a short period of time.

In fact, a survey commissioned by voice recognition software provider Nuance finds that people are actually bonding with the virtual assistants, like iPhone's Siri, on their smartphones. The survey found:

57-percent of them said they felt a "personal connection" with their mobile assistant, and wanted a personal assistant who was helpful and personable.


Nearly half of respondents said they wanted an assistant with a sense of humor, and almost a third desired "sassy" assistants.

Apple actually provides you a way to change the gender and even the accent of your phone's assistant.

More than half of all users - 71-percent of women and 66-percent of men - say they have actually named their virtual assistants.

You read that right.  People are naming their smartphones.  Thank goodness I never was tempted to do that.  Actually the folks at Apple helped, Siri was already named when I got her - I mean - it.  I do admit that I have thanked her by name on more than one occasion, and think it's cool when she says my name when we're 'interacting'.

Additionally, five-percent of those surveyed said they've asked their virtual assistant for love advice, and one-in-five admit to asking about the meaning of life.

I have not done that.  But I have asked Siri about the best way to dispose of a body.  You should try it (the asking, not the disposing), her answer might surprise you. In the meantime, here are some other things you can ask Siri just for fun: