WalletHub is a personal finance social media network and they gather mountains of information to do in-depth studies of all sorts of things. Most recently they released their "2014 Safest States to Live In" study and now they have done an analysis of the Best and Worst States For Teen Drivers.


They examine a number of different elements ranging from the number of teen drivers a state has to the average cost of vehicle repairs to number of teen driver fatalities and more. Sadly, motor vehicle accidents are still the major cause of death for most 16 to 19 year-olds, nationwide, (an average of 260 teen driving deaths per month) and in South Dakota all the facts and figures make our state the worst in the nation for teen drivers.

The 10 best states for teen drivers are:

1. New York
2. Hawaii
3. Illinois
4. Oregon
5. Rhode Island
6. Massachusetts
7. Maryland
8. Delaware
9. Washington
10. Nevada

The 10 worst states for teen drivers are:

1. South Dakota
2. Mississippi
3. Nebraska
4. Oklahoma
5. Wyoming
6. Arkansas
7. Montana
8. South Carolina
9. Missouri
10. Arizona

Take a look at the complete study here.