Have you ever wondered which U.S. states have a lifestyle most similar to the themes in country music songs? Long gone are the days where a guys best gal leaves him, his truck breaks down while drowning his sorrows in a bottle of whiskey only to have his dog jump off the tailgate straight to the steps of his masters second cousin, "Dixie" whereupon she asks him to the local VFW for a game of darts and cheap beer.

Then again...

Anyhoo...the good folks at Estately blog researched and compiled the state-by-state rankings and found that South Dakota ranks quite high.

courtesy estately.blog

In fact, South Dakota ranked 9th in the nation. "Carpooling to work is a challenge in a state where everyone owns a pickup truck (fourth most)."

Here is where each state ranks when taking into consideration pickups, booze, broken hearts, and military.

courtesy estately.blog

See the complete profiles of each state here.