OK hunters, here's your chance to show off a little bit. We want to see pictures of your prize trophies from this year's pheasant and deer hunting seasons. And if they are really the best prizes of the season, you could win a great prize package.

On Monday, December 15th we will select our winners.  We will select the best overall trophy and they will win a grand prize package that includes $600 in Firestone tires from Manley Tire & Oil Service and a $50 Cabela's gift card.

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  • Jay Engebretson

    Sioux Falls, SD
    Jay Engebretson

    A fun weekend with other South Dakota Air National Guard personnel!!!

  • Dylan Larson

    Letcher, SD
    Dylan Larson

    I shot this amazing albino rooster on the opening day of pheasant season it is one of the most amazing birds I have seen and it is already at the taxidermist so I can remember this day for ever!!!

  • Zach Zingmark

    Madison, SD
    Zach Zingmark

    This is my first pheasant of the year. Shot it road hunting just outside of Wentworth, SD. He was not a very big rooster but I am still proud of my trophy!

  • Matt Mackey

    Fulton, SD
    Matt Mackey

    Hill City SD 5x5 buck shot with 270 rifle on November 2nd 2014

  • Jessica Sommervold

    Beresford, SD
    Jessica Sommervold

    My husband has been an avid archery hunter for many years. Deer hunting has proven to be difficult the past few years in our area due to the different diseases spreading throughout the deer population. This has especially decreased the chances of harvesting a deer with a bow. But this year my husband was FINALLY able to harvest a nice 4x4 buck. The kids were so proud of their dad!

  • Rick Boettcher

    Parkston, SD
    Rick Boettcher

    Got to love the first week of November. A magical fall night.

  • Micah Stofferahn

    Sioux Falls, SD
    Micah Stofferahn

    every year my dad brothers and I go on a pheasant hunting trip in mitchell , sd. This year we had a total of 11 people with us and limited out in 2 hours. It is a trip that highlights our year. I live in Sioux Falls and get to do a lot of pheasant hunting but I still cannot wait for our trip to come around. Been going for 10 years now and hopefully many more!

  • Christopher Lane

    Tea, SD
    Christopher Lane

    This is a picture from my hunt just this past week I went on with my father. We both shot great bucks. Mine gross scored about 207. We saw him down a draw about 700 yards out following some does. Luckily for us the does chose to go up a draw about 75 yards away. A few minutes later the buck followed them and from that distance it was an easy shot.

  • Harry Lane

    Yankton, SD
    Harry Lane

    My son and I this past week were out in Montana mule deer hunting and both got great deer! We got the hunting area Monday and had a great talk with the owner. Then about noon we went out and sighted in our rifles. After getting dialed in on the shooting range we then went out an started glassing for deer. We had access to 210,000 acres and didn't see too much for the first couple hours. Just a few does and a little buck. We then crossed over the road and were working into the riverfront land. We came over a little hill and the guide spotted a doe. I then spotted a buck bedded down. We looked at it through the spotting scope and binoculars and decided it was buck to look closer on. We then stalked up to about 200 yards. My son looked at me and told me to shoot it if I liked it. We saw it was a good buck so from the top of the hill I got a good rest and in one shot th e hunt was over. We then got down to the deer and saw just how big and massive it was as well as some sticker points of some of the tines. The guide rough scored the deer at 182" gross. We were then able to get my son Chris an even better deer the next morning. It was a great hunting trip to have spent with my son.

  • Avery Welbig

    Dell Rapids, SD
    Avery Welbig

    I am submitting this pic. on behalf of my 12 year old son Avery. The last two years Avery had a mentor deer tag and was only successful his first year.This year Avery was fortunate enough to get a lottery drawn West river tag.

    This may not be the biggest deer in SD but try telling that to 12 year old boy who seen this deer stand up about 30 feet in front of him in a corn field.

    It was a cold windy morning on Nov 1st and Avery and I were standing in a fence line at sun up and about a half mile off in a wheat field,on top of bigger hill stood a doe and this buck. The buck facing the NW, standing bold and proud acting like nothing in the world could touch him. And suddenly they both started running to the small corn field that we were in. Just before they entered the corn field, about 100 yards away Avery shot twice and I shot once, we both missed. Due to the high wind the deer did not hear the shots. We both backed out of the fence line to a clearing looking to see if they were going to come out of the field. Avery is panicking because his gun jammed and I'm panicking because of buck fever. As I was unjamming his gun we seen the buck jumping in the corn rows heading towards where we were just standing in the fence line. I told Avery to go back to where we were and that I would walk the corn. Once Avery was in place I started walking, about 50 yards into my w alk, out runs the doe directly in front of Avery, Avery starts yelling "Doe, Doe, Doe" and then the buck stood up about 1 row in from the fence and 30 feet in front of Avery, snorting and stomping the ground,looking at him. I don't know how he seen this deer in his scope but with one shot he hit him in the neck and dropped him in his tracks. Avery then starts yelling "I got him, I got him" as I got over to Avery I could see the scared emotions in his face. As he was trying to tell me the story of how this big head of horns stood up and looked right at him, he was also wiping the tears from his eyes with joy and excitement trying to catch his breath. I could not have asked for a more perfect hunting story for my sons first buck. It will be a memory that we will never forget. The buck is a 5X5 with a devil fork brow tine and non typical G2

  • Chad Schoffelman

    Sioux Falls, SD
    Chad Schoffelman

    Lucky year #13 was what it took to draw a Black Hills Elk tag this year. Morning of day 3 was the lucky day and I was blessed enough to take this bull at 25 yards.

  • Kevin Gross

    Spencer, SD
    Kevin Gross

    First archery deer harvested near spencer south dakota on nov 7 around 430

  • Josh Brown

    Brandon, SD
    Josh Brown

    Last hunt for the old girl, sad but a great morning of duck hunting

  • Jake Sees

    Sioux Falls, SD
    Jake Sees

    hi my name is jake sees my son got to shoot his first deer Saturday 15th of November it is the mentor hunt he is only 10 it was his first deer ever shot he was so excited smiles from ear to ear. It took four shots but he finally got her on the forth and final bullet in the gun.

  • Jamie Hartman

    Lennox, SD
    Jamie Hartman

    I was lucky enough to harvest this buck just outside of Ocoma this Saturday (11/15) on public ground. This was my first hunt ever! It was the first day of the season late in the evening when my husband saw him a few hundred yards out and coming straight for us. We were able to get set up I took the shot. He was 100 yards out. We watched him kick his back legs in the air then nose dive into the snow a short distance away. Both my husband and my father were there to see my take my first deer ever ( and of course to drag it out for me) :) This was an amazing experience that I will never forget!

  • Isaac Hackett

    Sioux Falls, SD
    Isaac Hackett

    My dad and I were up in our tree stand waiting for a whitetail when out came this coyote. I lip squeaked him into 25 yards and shot him with my bow. He ran 4 yards and tipped over. It was my first coyote ever. The best part was that my dad could be with me to experience it.

  • Colt Florey

    Lake Andes
    Colt Florey

    Taken Saturday Nov 15th, near Burke, SD. 5x3 (was 5x5, two tines broken off) whitetail deer.

  • Aaron Swanson

    Mitchell, SD
    Aaron Swanson

    This is my public land west river South Dakota whitetail deer. I had to walk almost two miles into the deepest creek on the land and he was chasing a doe right towards me. I shot him with my rifle at 150 on a dead sprint after he caught my scent. Although he isn't the biggest deer he was very mature and had a funny limp to him which justified my shot.

  • Ben Edwards

    Sioux Falls, SD
    Ben Edwards

    It's my biggest deer with a bow, gross scored at 163 with 13 points! Ended shooting him at 60 yards he ran about 100 yards before dying, I had my dad with me so it'll be a memory both of us will never forget

  • Nathan Boettcher

    Parkston, SD
    Nathan Boettcher

    I am 13 years old. Last year I was denied east and west river any deer tags so I was bummed. This year I was denied west but got my east river tag. Pretty happy with this deer for my first buck tag. Thanks dad for the great guiding.

  • Kyle Hansen

    Harrisburg, SD
    Kyle Hansen

    This was the funnest hunt we have had since we all got a trophy and tags filled in short time!! Our hunting party included myself, younger brother, my dad and his brother. Location was north of White River, Mellette Co.

  • Brad Mork

    Tea, SD
    Brad Mork

    WR Gregory cty. I was hunting with a long time friend, things came together just right!

  • Chad Smith

    Lennox, SD
    Chad Smith

    5 x 5 mile deer. Shot in jones county. (Draper SD) on 11/24/14. 300 yard shot. 30 in. Spread. Height unknown (got it to taxidermist immediately....lol). I will officially score it when the mounted monster returns home!

  • Jeremy Gross

    Sioux Falls, SD
    Jeremy Gross

    This was my step sons first deer hunting trip. We were hunting in lyman county sd. We first seen this deer about 3/4 mile away. We used the spot and stalk on this deer. We snuck with in 500 yards of this deer. We then made our way through a creek bottom. And got with in 200 yards of this deer. He was with 8 other deer. Even though my step son or myself did not get a deer out west. My brother was able to harvest this deer. My step son said this was the best weekend he has ever had hunting or being outside. I love making memories like this

  • Jon Berndt

    Sioux Falls, SD
    Jon Berndt

    This is the West River deer I shot this year. It happens this was my first West River Deer ever buck or doe. After only a couple hours of trekking through the snow on opening day after a different deer, I came across this guy. The estimated green score was ~ 150 inches and a 6x6. Named him "Greg" since he was shot in Gregory County.

  • Seth Vis

    Sioux Falls, SD
    Seth Vis

    Great hunt, this beatiful buck came runing right tords me and i shot him from about 30 yards with a 243. Stanley county

  • Alex Bawek

    Worthing, SD
    Alex Bawek

    Had this old guys sheds for 3 years and finally got him this year with the bow! Talk about a fun long hard hunt! Deer get big if you take care of them!!!

  • Sarah Temme

    Bancroft, SD
    Sarah Temme

    Opening morning of West River, with blizzard like conditions, I shot my biggest muley buck. I hadn't shot a buck in two years, and couldn't wait to get my hands on him! I got to share this moment with my favorite hunting partner and best friend, my husband!

  • Marcus Rock

    Huron, SD
    Marcus Rock

    this bruiser was taken in Douglas County SD. He scores 163 5/8 inches. His main beams are 28" and 27.5". He was taken on the opening day of the East River Deer season. He had been captured many times with the trail cam over the fall. He showed himself about mid-morning but I was unable to get a shot off. He disappeared until later in the afternoon and presented a good shot. I took it. As he ran away I thought I had missed. We found blood but backed out to let him expire. We found a trail Sunday morning, tracked him, and recovered the deer of a lifetime!

  • Joe Henderson

    Colton, SD
    Joe Henderson

    Not the biggest deer in the world but was taken opening morning of West River during the blizzard. I got into my fence line along the creek bottom about 40mins before first light. With 5-6 inches of snow already on the ground and the wind picking up, i spotted this buck with 3 doe about 500 yards behind me going over the hill in a corn field. I could not get a look at him through my binocs since they were froze over from the snow that had fallen but i knew he was a respectable deer. I moved over two hills to get a angle on him, once over the hill i was with-in 400-450 yards. i made the approach by belly crawling in the cornfield through the snow about 100-150 yards to put a 300 yard one shot drop on this 4x4. The snow pictures i got are pretty neat. Needless to say i packed up and headed home after to beat the blizzard before it got any worse.

  • Courtnee Spaans

    Sioux Falls, SD
    Courtnee Spaans

    Mother and Daughter Bucks! Both these nice bucks came from the same area and were quit the hunt! Moms took some extra help bringing down but was exciting! My mom was getting ready to fight a young one when he stopped broad side. 2014 was definitely a fun year!

  • Wyatt Kotilinek

    Woonsocket, SD
    Wyatt Kotilinek

    I got this guy in Wessington Springs with my youngest daughter with me! After I shot him my daughter was yelling out "common deer" and patting her legs!! Greatest daddy and daughter moment!

  • Samuel Callies

    Howard, SD
    Samuel Callies

    Turning 12 this year I was able to take my 1st west river buck. It was a little cold for my 1st buck hunt. Temps were in the -30s with the windchill. I told my dad I wanted a really big buck and he told me to get a really big buck , you will have to look at a lot of deer and maybe not get one at all. We saw a lot of bucks and at the end of opening day we walked onto this guy. It was a great mule deer hunt.

  • Cody Hansen

    Rutland, SD
    Cody Hansen

    Shot with Rifle. Scored 155 with a 23 inch inside spread. First deer our son has a picture with!

  • Madison LeGrand

    Sioux Falls, SD
    Madison LeGrand

    Beautiful 5x6 in beadle county taken with one shot at over 200 yards

  • Travis Kampshoff

    Emery, SD
    Travis Kampshoff

    This is my sons first pheasant hunt experience with dad. Even though I didn't get to do much hunting, since we had to take a picture with every bird and pull the tail feathers off. Its been my best hunting experience so far. With his 2 hours of hunting a second never passed with out him saying I can't wait until I get old so I can hunt. The funny thing is I don't know who wants that more me are my little sidekick.

  • Jeremy Killsahundred

    Sioux Falls, SD
    Jeremy KillsAHundred

    My son Brayden and his cousin Tucker on opening pheasant! They walked all day with everyone and absolutely loved every minute of being with the crew.

  • Steve Ellis

    Chester, SD
    Steve Ellis

    6x5 buck shot up by Miranda, SD. I Was thinking to myself " what a wasted trip". it was my second weekend hunting and my last so I either got a buck or I didn't. All of the sudden he came out from behind some trees and started walking right towards me. He turned and I shot him I am mounting the head and hanging it in the living room.

  • Eric Shoemaker

    Brandon, SD

    West River mule deer. Scored 167

  • Sara Shoemaker

    Brandon, SD

    a daily limit for the boys!

  • Cauy Hofer

    Huron, SD

    East river deer shot opening day seen two does standing up in a little slough got close and then this big boy got up. He's a mainframe 5x5 with a kicker coming off of his g3 on the left side and has an extra point come straight off of his brow tine on his left side that can't be seen in the picture. He grossed 152 2/8. Kenny Kleinsasser is doing the mount.

  • Jamie Hofer

    Huron, SD

    Me, my son and cousin were deer hunting thanksgiving day we seen this buck run from a pasture to a corn field that had a couple cattail sloughs in it we went and sat there and a small buck and 2 does came running through one and this guy got spooked by them and took off my son already shot his deer but me and my cousin hadn't yet we both missed on our first couple shots then on my last one I dropped him. It was a very exciting hunt with a very nice trophy to remember it with.

  • Art Schupner

    Tea, SD

    This buck was shot in Hyde Co., SD, about 20 miles north of Highmore.

  • Jamie Richardson

    Sioux Falls, SD

    This 12 point buck was shot by my father about 20 miles west of Wessington springs! When my dad texted me the picture the first thing my 9 year old son said was, "can I have the antlers??!" When I told him he would have to fight grandpa for them he quickly changed his tactic and said, "can I get deer sticks??!" I think we will all get deer sticks for Christmas this year!"

  • Jeff Westrup

    Canistota, SD

    Harvested this 5x5 within 15 minutes on opening morning in Spink County. Not a whole lot to say it happened so fast, sun came up and this buck was standing in the tree line less then 25 yards away (BANG)! I couldn't ask for a better group of guys to hunt with I look forward to it every year!

  • Jared Pals

    Canton, SD

    this is my first archery deer taken on Nov 22 near Canton. I started bowhunting last year as a last resort when I didn't draw a rifle tag. I fell in love with the sport and decided to bowhunt only this year. It took a lot of time and patience but it paid off.

  • Adam Derrick

    Monroe, SD

    I shot this deer in SW Kansas opening week of bow season. It was in the 90s all week making it a long hot week of hunting. He is a main frame 4x4 scoring 142in. It was a ton of fun and a lot of good memories.

  • Jason Savey

    Yankton, SD

    I shot this beautiful 4x4 on the last weekend of the West River Deer Season in Jones County SD. I tried to put a stalk on him the day before, but was unsuccessful. I was lucky enough to get another opportunity the next morning and made it count!