Tonight, the Green Bay Packers and Chicago Bears will renew the National Football League's longest-running rivalry when they meet for the 185th time.

Sports bars will be packed, the atmosphere should be rowdy. If you have the NFL Network in your cable package you'll be able to watch it at home. If you do, expect a few friends to call for an invite. Just tell them to bring a crock pot full of those BBQ wienies.

The KIKN 100.5 Facebook fans gave the nod to the Bears this morning.

The Big Breakfast weighs in:

Bryan Bjerke:  "If the Packers are going to win tonight against the Bears they’re going to need to win the turnover battle. Last year the Pack defense was the best in forcing turnovers, with 38. If Green Bay is going to win tonight, they’re going to have to get the ball from the Bears and put it in Aaron Rodgers hands."

Dan Collins:  "Are the wienies here, yet"

So, who's going to win it?