Identity Thief (Crime/Comedy - Rated R) Mild-mannered businessman Sandy Patterson travels from Denver to Miami to confront the deceptively harmless-looking woman who has been living it up after stealing Sandy's identity.

Side Effects (Crime Drama / Thriller - Rated R) Emily and Martin are a successful New York couple whose world unravels when a new drug prescribed by Emily's psychiatrist - intended to treat anxiety - has unexpected side effects.

Top Gun 3D (Re-release Rated PG) Almost 30 years after its initial release, Maverick, Goose, and Iceman are students at the Navy's elite fighter weapons school competing to be best in the class, one daring young flyer learns a few things from a civilian instructor that are not taught in the classroom.

Unfortunately, this movie is not being re-released in South Dakota. However, if you're like me, I need my 80's movie fix so I've included the trailer anyway...for nostalgia's sake. Enjoy.

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