How about a burger? Kind of makes your mouth water just saying it doesn't it?

A burger's a burger right? Wrong!

There are places out there who are famous for their burger. There are national chains that have built empires on claiming to have the best burger. Thru their marketing tactics, we have fallen for their claim and choked down their sandwich that doesn't have any more meat on it than a cheese pizza.

However, there are places across this great nation that in fact have a burger better than anything. Let's narrow down who has the best burger.

Business Insider did a complete study on the best burger in every state. South Dakota's is Nick's Hamburger Shop in Brookings.

The mini burgers from Nick's Hamburger Shop started off at 5 cents during the Great Depression and today sell for only $1.48 apiece. The Brookings restaurant only has four simple options: double and regular hamburgers, or double and regular cheeseburgers.

Please take moment and look at the fascinating story behind this legendary establishment.