Country music heavy hitters Tim McGraw, Keith Urban, and Taylor Swift collaborated for a rare recording for Tim's new album, "Two Lanes of Freedom."

The country ballad is a tale of a man who just wants his lover to stay closer to home no matter how much the road calls. It holds a very catchy hook, "The highway won't hold you tonight/ The highway don't know you're alive/ The highway don't care if you're all alone/ but I do, I do/ The highway won't dry your tears/ The highway don't need you here/ The highway don't care if you're coming home/ but I do, I do."

Swift, who provides soulful vocals on the song, said via Twitter:
I sang with Tim McGraw on a song on his new album- it's called 'Highway Don't Care' and it's out now and I'm psyched about it!"

The ever-talented Urban lent his guitar-playing skills on the collaboration.