Every once in a while we get a cute pic sent through e-mail. This one caught our attention.  I'm guessing it was a taxidermist who finished a full mount of an awesome deer who decided to have a little fun and show off his work at the same time.

We decided to put it up on our Facebook Page and let you the listeners write a caption for the pic.  We have some clever listeners!

Jenney Grover Hey deer can you get me a beer?
Debbie Petty Lets make a bet one who's team wins..winner gets the gun looser gets a 10 second head start.
Tj Greer Can we watch a football game that doesn't include a team with a predator as their mascot? Kinda freaking me out.
Mitch Mohror Oh deer, they just got a touchdown.
Beth Conley-Church Who you going for dear?
Cheryl Bosma Bubba and Buck, just sittin' back, enjoying the game. Bubba's wife won't let them sit on the furniture....wonder why, dear????
Jennifer Gibson A man's best deer