My wife Lori and I just returned from a trip to Los Angeles.  We were there about 4 days.  It made me feel fortunate to be living right here in Kickin' Country. We have the most hard-working, conscientious, dedicated people that you will find anywhere.

Take for instance, the service industry.  People who work in this industry rely on their tips for the bulk of their income.

  • Many seem to not really care about the service they perform.  Here in Kickin' Country, they do.
  • After you get your menu, you wait forever for someone to take your order.  In Kickin' County, you have someone eager to take your order.
  • The water glass stays empty.  In Kickin' Country, it stays full.
  • After your food is brought to your table, the waiter/waitress disappears.  In Kickin' Country,  the waiter/waitress is asking if everything is to your satisfaction.
  • After your meal, you again wait forever to have the waiter/waitress show up at your table and ask about dessert.  In Kickin' Country, the waiter/waitress promptly returns to your table with a dessert menu.
  • If you do not want dessert, again you wait forever to get the bill.  In Kickin' Country, the waiter/waitress promptly brings it to your table.

Lori and I encountered this time after time during our stay.  I realized that here in Kickin' Country, we have something that they don't.  We have a genuine, bred work ethic.  People get up, go to work and stay on the job as long as it takes to get the job done.  It shows in every area of the service they perform.

Here, when you have a bad experience, it's a real surprise.  There, sadly, it's the norm.