For Johnny Cash's newly released lost video, the film crew, led by  film-maker John Hillcoat, visited the ruins of Cash’s burned-down Nashville lake house, and also the cave in Tennessee where the singer had crawled inside to take his own life before having a last-minute change of heart.

We're thankful for that change of heart. Some of the most meaningful songs and musical moments on the planet were created by Cash's soulful yet haunting lyrics accompanied by his timeless voice.

I met the legendary Cash after a concert in Aberdeen, SD in 1990, at a time when the singer was trying to "re-connect" with American country music scene. In fact, his record label, Columbia Records, shelved this song and video after his struggles in the 80's and admitted to  feeling "suddenly cast aside."

Cash's new studio album, Out Among The Stars, available March 25, 2014. You can pre-order it from Amazon or from iTunes.