Teachers and parents are always giving students the inspiration to 'Stay In School'.  But ask any high school senior what's on their mind (already) and there is a good chance they will reply 'graduation'.  So it shouldn't be any exception for this 99 year old 'senior' from Cedar Falls, Iowa.

Audrey Crabtree started school in a one-room building in northeast Iowa.  However, after missing some days after a swimming accident, then having to take care of an ailing grandmother, Audrey found herself one credit shy of graduating. This was in 1931.

But given the choice of going back the following year to finish her high school career or marry her first husband, she chose love.  Several years later, the couple bought a flower shop.  Shortly after the purchase, Audrey's husband passed away from a heart attack, but she continued to run Flowers by Audrey for 28 years.  She also re-married (twice) and outlived both of her husbands. Today, she has 2 children, 5 grandchildren and 4 great-grandchildren.

Being one credit short of a high school graduation didn't stop her from going on to be a successful woman. But sometimes she would talk about the biggest regret she had in her life.  Not getting that high school diploma.

Knowing this regret in Audrey's life, Shelley Hoffman, Audrey's grandaughter, contacted the Waterloo School System and a diploma ceremony was planned. Then, during a school board meeting, 99-year-old Audrey Crabtree received an honorary high school diploma.  Attending the ceremony were her family and friends.  She also received a copy of her last report card, a letterman's jacket and a homecoming pin.

Source: Huffington Post Good News