OK...the invention of the wheel was, I'm sure, pretty big in it's time but by now

we are a gadget obsessed society. If it's compact, helps make your life easier, and does cool stuff – we're sold! According to Popular Mechanics magazine, some very important gadgets have helped change the world! Makes you wonder about what cool stuff we will see in the future.

Here's the Top 10:

  • The Lightbulb: Bye bye candles ... and going to bed when the sun goes down!
  • The Alarm Clock: The beginning of the busy schedule ... oversleeping can never be a legitimate excuse again!
  • The Phonograph: Thank you, Thomas Edison, for giving birth to recordable music. Without this device we might not have the iPod!
  • The Telephone: It's hard to imagine living without a phone nowadays ...
  • Portable Air Conditioning Units: Invented in 1939, portable air conditioning allowed people comfort and the opportunity to live in climates that were otherwise uninhabitable during certain times of year.
  • The Personal Computer: Introduced in the mid 1970s ... and look where we are now.
  • Hypodermic Needle: This invention of the mid 1800s saved millions by being the vehicle to administer vaccines.
  • Radio: Imagine how boring life would be without it!
  • Mobile/Smartphone: To date, these are the most widely used gadgets worldwide!