Best Selling Author and speaker Carol Kivler considers depression a blessing in her life!

"When I look at depression these days I actually view it as a gift in life. I don't think I would have slowed down and enjoyed the sweeter moments of life if I hadn't gone through all those difficulties. It's brought so many blessings to my life that I don't believe I would have learned any other way if I didn't experience those difficult times."

If you're battling depression, Carol, author of Mental Health Recovery Boosters, offers this hard earned advice.

"At the present moment it doesn't seem like a positive experience.  But, you  have to hang in there and recognize that 85 percent of people that struggle with depression do find recovery.  There is hope! This too shall pass! Do whatever you can to get wellness from exercise to getting to a support group and following through on a treatment plan. Whatever it takes!  Don't give up! There is a brighter tomorrow when the sun shines again if you just hang in there long enough. I know that for a fact."

Unfortunately, Carol says depression forces some people to withdraw from life.

"This disease is an isolating disease which makes it even harder to go through. We become reclusive when we are depressed. Yet, this is when we need people more than ever.  It's not easy to be social when depression hits.  But, it's one way to recover from the blues."

It's also a time to focus on the things that bring us joy!

"This is a state of mind.  It is not who you are. This depression doesn't define who you are. You need to push yourself to do things that produce joy. That's just what I did while in the throes of depression and it works. I also believe in the power of positive thinking!"

Carol Kivler says the bottom line is this: "Think Positive!. Positive Thoughts create Positive Results! We are and will become what we think about!"