As for why someone thought the need to put underwear on your phone was a priority in life...well, I'm not sure.

Oh wait. maybe you're tired of spending oodles of bucks on phone accessories like cases, decals, diamonds, and other bling?

Introducing Smart Pants. Yes, underwear for your phone where the front part of the underwear will cover up the 'home' button. You know, just in case you stay awake at night worrying about your i-Phone's nudity.

These Smart Pants are kind of funny, and they come in all styles and sure to be a conversation starter at your next party.

The selection runs from bland briefs and boxer shorts to strawberry-patterned panties and racy leopard-print "t-back" thongs.

Another new option if your device needs some undies is from James Feel who offers the hard case. phone case

source: BitRebel