It's one of those dirty little secrets you discover when you have kids:  your parents LIED to you!


But, almost as quickly, you realize, they didn't really have a choice.

As the father of two now adult daughters, I can tell you that getting kids to do something isn't easy, and yes, sometimes you have to resort to fibbing, or downright fabricating.

So which are the classic parental white lies? Jill Layton, writing for the blog Hello Giggles, outlines '17 Lies Our Parents Told Us'.

My 'Fab Four':

The swimming myth

Wait 30 minutes after eating before going into the pool or ocean.

This one wasn't just perpetuated by Mom and Dad, I remember one of those Jiminy Cricket 'I'm No Fool' movies in school touting this one!

The TV myth

If you sit too close to the TV, you’ll go blind.

I heard this one a lot, and actually believed it.  Kind of ironic now that a generation of kids sits just inches away from their electronic devices for hours a day!

The “We’ll see” myth

You want to do something they don't want to do?  'We'll see'.  Translation: 'not going to happen'.

Confession: I still use this one today, and not just with my kids!

The “We’re leaving without you” myth

The classic threat for when you're taking too long to get out to the car.

Just for fun sometimes, I listen to parents use this and other variations of it when I'm at the grocery store. My advice to Moms and Dads out there: if you never follow thru on it, it's just an idle threat and eventually your kids will see right thru the lie.  My kids know I was just crazy enough to actually follow thru on my threats. They're still haven't let me forget it years later!

So which ones did you hear as a kid and which one do you use on your kids today?