A generous dirt donation will fill a few needs literally at Sioux Falls’ Great Bear Recreation Park.  

Usually Great Bear is buzzing during the winter as a fun destination for kids and adults.  With about four months until the action picks up considerably, crews are scurrying about to take advantage of a gift from TJN Enterprises, Inc.

The recycler has moved into the area and in order to outfit property for TJN’s uses, it took a little moving of dirt.  That pile has been given to Great Bear which will fill in the once-used half pipe feature. The work will accommodate more terrain park features. Additional dirt will be stockpiled for the planned renovation of the tubing hill in 2015.

According to a press release from the City of Sioux Falls, General Manager Dan Grider says the half pipe was a feature that was quite popular in the 1990s, but since that time, terrain parks have become more popular. For the past ten years, the half pipe has been filled in with snow in order to satisfy the demand. The half pipe is 8 feet deep, 20 feet across, and 300 feet long. By filling it with dirt, time and money will be saved each year.

With a look to the future, the tubing hill is proposed for renovation in 2015, and TJN’s donation includes the dirt quantities required for that renovation as well, at no cost to the City or Great Bear Recreational Park.

(Dan Peters/KSOO)