I have to admit. I was pretty stoked to meet Granger Smith before the concert at The District Friday night. In talking with him before the show, he asked if I had ever seen him perform before. I told him no. Then I added, tongue in cheek, you better not suck. He said, I hope I don't, and 'I better go practice.'

I don't think there is anyone who was in attendance that would disagree. Granger Smith/Earl Dibbles Jr. is as polished and professional and down right good at his job performing in front of people as anyone I've seen in a long time. He can play a crowd, HE can play and his band is unbelievable. This Dusty Saxton guy playing drums one of the best I've seen ever.

If you were at the show, you know. It was awesome. Thanks Granger, and thanks Earl. Hope to see you again soon!