It's that time of year again.  The snow and winter will soon be here, and the things you do now can save you money and keep you warmer for winter.

While I am definitely no Tim "The Toolman" Taylor, here are some things you definitely need to do before the snow is here.

Take a walk around the house and make sure windows are shut and secure.  Walk outside and inspect each window.  Do they need to be caulked around the frame? Also, if you have basement windows,  putting on the turrets over the window wells is a good idea.  If you have any hoses, be sure they are taken in and the water is out of them.  If you have to shut off the water to the hoses, make sure that is done.

Once you've finished the caulking, and your hands are all sticky from applying the caulk like mine always are, it's time to get on the roof.  Inspect all of your stuff on top.  See if things are lodged there that shouldn't be.  Inspect to see if any caulking is necessary around the conduits.

Once you're finished there and you've wiped the last of the caulk from your hands, maybe go into the garage and put fuel stabilizer into the gas tank of the lawn mower.  It'll save you a lot of trouble starting it in the spring.  Also, fire up the snowblower and make sure it runs and everything is in working order, along with proper inflation on the tires.

Make a trip to the basement and see if you have a filter that needs replacing.  Also, check the water heater and furnace to see if all is well.

Is there anything I have left out?  Are there things you do that you would like to share?  Please comment and together, we'll get through another winter in good shape.