There is one thing for sure here at Kickin' Country. Gary Allan fits.  We have always looked forward to the next song from Gary and now we find ourselves looking forward to his next album.

It's titled 'Set You Free' and it's due out January 22nd.

Anyone who has followed Allan's career knows that he's had a real roller coaster of emotions to deal with in his life and his new album follows along and looks to almost mirror of his life.

When I saw the title of the album I was taken back too.  I love it when artists weave in the title of the album into other songs on the project.  In the song "Every Storm Runs Out Of Rain", his current release, it's really the focal point of the song.

Every Storm" is the uplifting song on the album where other titles like "Tough Goodbye" and "Good as New" have me really wanting to hear the entire project.

We live in a download world. You hear one song-you go get it.  I like to remind people that some of the best songs you'll never hear are on albums from artists like Gary Allan that don't get played on radio or television.  In short, if you are a Gary Allan fan, put January 22nd on your calender and pick up a copy-or download the whole thing on January 22nd.