It used to be 'a helpful smile in every aisle.'  Now Hy-Vee has taken Gangnam Style from PSY and the folks are doing their own version!

I don't blame them.  This song is a world wide phenomenon.  As a mobile music dj, I play this song two to three times a night.

When I first stumbled across the video, I thought it was the 26th and Marion Hy-Vee store.  Turns out I was close.  It was filmed in the Marion, Iowa store.

I've always loved Hy-Vee and have had a great relationship with them over the years.  First, as an employee in my younger days. Then, I emceed their bridal show for many years.

It doesn't matter which Hy-Vee store I go to.  I always get what I need and the same great service at every store.  I always get the 'helpful smile in every aisle' experience.  Now I'll be looking for the Gangnam Hy-Vee Style experience!