Imagine, being on top of the biggest, meanest rankest bulls in the world.

Imagine sliding off to one side, you know for maybe an instance that your in trouble. All you can think is hold on.

Now, imagine that that ride does not seem to want to end. The bull keeps bucking, dragging you along, again all you can think is 'hold on!'

The 'ride' Lane Scott and his family have been on for nearly a year now, didn't start on top of a bucking bull.

Sure, Lane was an up an coming bull rider. Raised in cattle and farm country of Lyman County South Dakota, he loved the competition and camaraderie that riding bulls provided.

That all came to a halt, or should we say his real ride began the night of the accident, back in September of 2013. reports,

According to DPS, the three occupants of a 1998 Ford Explorer were not wearing seatbelts and were ejected from the vehicle during the rollover.

19-year-old Katie Jean Blindert, of Austin, was pronounced dead at the scene and Lane Scott, of South Dakota, was airlifted to Hillcrest Baptist Medical Center in Waco in very critical condition.

The driver, 18-year-old Victoria Leigh Mitchell of Leander, was taken to Hillcrest by ambulance. All three were students at Hill Junior College.

After the wreck, Mitchell could not find a cell phone in the dark, so she walked a mile and a half to a house to get help.

Scott was originally hospitalized at Hillcrest Baptist Medical Center in Waco and has since been moved to Sanford Care Center in Chamberlain, SD so he can be closer to family and friends and continue his recovery.

Yes, his recovery has been slow, but according to almost daily reports on his Facebook Page (Prayers For Lane Scott) he continues to make progress.

He started physical therapy again today and seemed to do well. He will have it twice a week. He is holding his head up really well and continues to show more signs of improvements. He can now hold his left leg up off the bed. He actually stuck his tongue out at his sister, Keeshia, and smiled a lot when she visited today. We continue to have faith and hope. Thank you to the medical staff that are taking care of Lane. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers for Lane and the family, as well as for the two girls and their families. (Auntie Mary on behalf of Lane Scott's family)

I originally wrote an article about Lane last year. Since then I have come to find that Lane's mom actually drove the school bus that takes my nieces and nephew to school every day in Kennebec,South Dakota.

It is a small, small world! Since then she has had to give up that job to spend more time with Lane.

The family has not quit. Lane does not quit. He continues to hold on. And he continues to make progress. And yes, there are friends from all over the United States cheering for, (and praying for) Lane Scott.

Some of those good friends are having a fundraiser for Lane Scott to be held in Ft. Pierre Saturday, June 14th. It's called, Out of Love for Lane Scott Benefit. They'll have a picnic, silent auction, live auction and dance

If you would like to donate to the benefit auction and event or help in any way you can call Caysee at 605.220.1097 or Sherry at 605.220. 3488.

Lane recently celebrated his 20th birthday at Sanford Care Center in Chamberlain on June 2nd. It's a bit late, but if you would like to send him a card here's his address.

Sanford Chamberlain Long Term Care
Lane Scott Room #106
300 S. Bryon Blvd.
Chamberlain, SD 57325